Can Governor Abbott Help Texas Escape Trump's COVID-19 Containment Failure?

| By: Jim Henson and Joshua Blank

Donald Trump's failure to handle the COVID-19 pandemic may well have cost him re-election. Now that he's leaving, Greg Abbott - and Texas - have to deal with the GOP denial he's left behind.


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Looking at Some Unofficial 2020 Texas Election Results in Context

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Some Texas Notes for Election Day 2020

| By: Jim Henson and Joshua Blank

A dramatic increase in competition between the two parties amidst an early voting surge that has seen Texas leading the country in turnout so far has thrust the state closer to center stage in the fateful final days of the 2020 election. We thought it might be useful to flag some aspects of data from polling and historical voting records that prove useful context for reporting on the 2020 election in Texas. 


Texas 2020 U.S. Senate Poll Tracker

| By: Texas Politics Project

Our Texas 2020 U.S. Senate Poll Tracker compiles polling that make serious efforts at disclosure.


With both voting and the Pandemic Surging in Texas, Expect Republicans to Show Up on Election Day

Texas 2020 Presidential Poll Tracker

| By: Jim Henson and Joshua Blank

While the cable shows seize on the latest poll, with an emphasis on those that make the best news, it is of course best to look at as much data as possible, taking into account sampling strategy, timing, and trend. We'll keep this page updated as more data become available.


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