Oceans Policy Intern

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Environment Texas
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Our oceans are amazing. In the Arctic Sea, polar bears hunt on ice floats. In the Atlantic, beaked whales surface for air, then dive thousands of yards underwater. Shelves of rock, layered with barnacles, seaweed, and snails, form habitats for sand crabs, striped bass, and lobster. In the Pacific, 15-foot long octopuses climb over boulders. In the Gulf of Mexico, sea turtles can detect the Earth's magnetic field and use it as a compass. And in oceans across the globe, coral reefs and give rise to thriving underwater communities, where sharks hunt, sea turtles glide, and seals forage. But our oceans, and all the marine life they hold, face increasing risk. Drilling for oil, plastic pollution, habitat destruction, and certain fishing and shipping practices threaten the health of our oceans and sea animals. We need to pass bold, comprehensive legislation to protect our oceans and all the incredible life they hold. In particular, we need to: 1. Stop drilling: When we drill, we spill -- and black, sticky oil drowns birds and extinguishes vibrant underwater habitats. We need to stop offshore drilling in America’s oceans. 2. Reduce plastics: Whales, seabirds, dolphins, and sea turtles all face health risks from the plastic pollution. We need to ban single-use plastic bags, foam cups, and foam takeout containers and tackle the larger problem of plastic waste 3. Protect threatened species: Acoustic noise, as well as certain fishing and shipping practices, threaten the health and safety of our marine mammals. We should stand up for our sea’s most vulnerable animals and work to win policies that will protect our endangered ocean species. 4. Create protected areas: One of the best ways to replenish fish populations, protect ocean habitats and marine species, and build ocean resiliency in the face of climate change is to protect key habitats that sustain ocean life. Environment Texas' Oceans Policy Intern will work to build a grassroots movement to protect our oceans. Specific responsibilities include: - recruiting small business owners, faith leaders, professors, and other community leaders to speak our for our oceans - organizing webinars to educate the public about the threats facing our oceans - participating in lobby meetings with congressional staff - working to secure media coverage of the issue, including writing letters to the editor - coordinating Environment Texas' work with that of oceans activists around the country
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Send a resume and cover letter to Luke Metzger at luke@environmenttexas.org
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200 E. 30th Street Austin, Texas 78705 www.EnvironmentTexas.org
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Luke Metzger
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Monday, November 23, 2020