Crisis at the border?

February 19, 2024

Republicans aren't the only ones who see problems at the border.

Texans' Confidence in the Legislature

December 19, 2023

After almost an entire year in session, voters expressed limited confidence that the Legislature accomplished what they set out to do.

February 19, 2024
A majority of Texas voters support making it harder for migrants fleeing violence in their home countries to seek asylum in the U.S., while majorities also support many of the controversial measures undertaken by Texas. Read more...
February 19, 2024
The 2024 primary elections in Texas are among the most contested and the most heated of any legislative primaries since the establishment of the near-monopoly of state government after the Republican sweep of the 2002 elections. Read more...
February 19, 2024
Policy questions included in the February 2024 University of Texas/Texas Politics Project Poll focused mostly on subjects that previous polls and observation of the campaigns have suggested are issues most likely to be salient in the 2024 election campaigns. Read more...
February 08, 2024
In a new Second Reading podcast, Jim Henson talks with Ross Ramsey, co-founder and former executive editor of The Texas Tribune, about the reverberations in Texas  f Donald Trump's presumed return as the Republican presidential nominee in 2024. Read more...