Texans' Views of Ken Paxton as Trial Nears

September 01, 2023

On the eve of his impeachment trial, a pre-release of the August 2023 UT/TxPP poll finds 47% of voters saying that Ken Paxton took actions while attorney general justifying his removal.

Did the Legislature Improve the Lives of Texans?

June 22, 2023

New University of Texas/Texas Politics Project Poll finds little confidence in the legislature’s efforts to address key issues.

The Grid Remains a Priority

May 03, 2023

The electric grid remains a key priority for voters when prioritizing the work of the 88th Texas Legislature according to the April 2023 UT/TXP Poll.

September 08, 2023
Texas Republicans' support for Donald Trump remains unwavering in Texas despite unprecedented indictments, in contrast to GOP ambivalence about Ken Paxton. Read more...
September 07, 2023
Some observations about the latest UT/TxPP poll results in the more context of the politics of the historic events that will unfolding in the Texas Senate. Read more...
April 11, 2023
In the latest Second Reading Podcast, Jim Henson and Josh Blank discuss the sources of uncertainty in the present stage of a very active legislative session in Texas. Read more...
April 03, 2023
With the public education agenda packed during this year’s legislative session, below are some general observations about Texas voters’ attitudes toward and about the state’s public education system from over 10 years of University of Texas Polling. Read more...