Money in the Bank, Public Opinion on Texas Statewides

For those of us awaiting the updated campaign finance reports of Texas' top officials, the day has finally arrived! Here's a look at the account balance of each and their approval numbers from the October 2016 University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll.

January 2017 Cash-on-Hand
Office Cash Overall Job Approval Republican Job Approval
Governor Greg Abbott $34.4 Million 42% 75%
Lt. Governer Dan Patrick $13.7 Million 31% 56%
Attorney General Ken Paxton $4.6 Million NA NA

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Approve strongly21%
Approve somewhat21%
Neither approve nor disapprove17%
Disapprove somewhat10%
Disapprove strongly23%
Don't know8%

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Approve strongly1%10%42%
Approve somewhat11%21%33%
Neither approve nor disapprove18%21%14%
Disapprove somewhat16%13%3%
Disapprove strongly46%26%2%
Don't know8%8%7%

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Approve strongly12%
Approve somewhat19%
Neither approve nor disapprove20%
Disapprove somewhat9%
Disapprove strongly22%
Don't know18%

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Approve strongly1%7%23%
Approve somewhat6%16%33%
Neither approve nor disapprove21%23%19%
Disapprove somewhat10%11%7%
Disapprove strongly42%28%3%
Don't know20%16%15%

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A lot15%
Not very much24%
Nothing at all31%

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A lot21%16%10%
Not very much21%24%27%
Nothing at all28%37%30%